A STUDY MADE by the sceintest Arthur Aron from  UNIVERSITY OF STONY PROK IN NEWYOURK IN 2005 AND PUBLISHED IN LOSE ANGLOSE TIMES he mention that the love effect on the happiness area in the  brain the same as the cocaine or drags or less like enjoying the delicious chocolate  and the brain secreted the chemical substance (dopamine) when talking with love words like( I love you, lose myself in your eyes –I hope you all still using these words-  ),so it’s important to tell others about your feeling about them.images (1)

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

I remember one story about one man had married the women who loved, but after few months she start shouting with his mother who was staying with him in the same house .she was always telling her husband that his mother don’t love here and she force here to work in the house and tell here bad words when he is out of house. Therefore, she does not want her to stay with her in the same house. However, the man said: I cannot do that I want my mother to be with me. She become angry from him she said I want to be with you alone in the house, but again he refuses that .she become angry more and more. Then she decides a very dangerous thing. She went to one pharmacist she know very well .He was an old, wise man. Many people come to him to ask him for a medicine for their sickness .she waited until people gone out and she told him here story and ask him a very dangerous thing. She asked for poison to kill here anti but nobody will suspect me .he was surprised .he said try another thing try to live with here and ignore other thing .she said: I can’t do that because my husband love here too much.i want him just to love me and take care of only. When the pharmacist see that he can’t change her thinking he said: I will help you. Wait for a minute .he went to the store and brought one bottle .he said this is poison will effect by long time .put one drop in your anti food and after one year she will day from it and nobody will doubt about it. But during this time I want you to do something so nobody will dought about you .you have to deal with here like your mother ,take care of here ,live with here in happiness ,laugh with her ,give here gifts .she said ok I will and she take the bottle and gone.

She starts acting like the pharmacist said, she take care, and talk in good way; prepare nice food and sweet .no more fighting in the house. After five months she went to the pharmacist again .She said please want to give me another medicine to stop the poison ,I don’t want here to die I love her now ,she become like my mother ,she is good with me she deal like me like her daughter .please please I don’t want to kill here. The old pharmacist smile and become a happy from what he is hearing. Then he told her that good news my daughter I am happy to hear that .And do not worry about the poison. That day I gave you, just water .the life teaches me, many lessons .I understand your problem .I sow that you wasn’t give love to her so the reaction is the same. Nevertheless, when you change your behavior you see the good thing on here and she is the same .so live your life this .Give the love and it will come back to you. She learns a valuable lesson about life. The same for every one we have to give love, we have to express love to all around because many people do not want to do that or do not know how to do that. So how can you express your love?

  • Take your wife to a wonderful ,place .take here to beach ,see the sunset and hear the calm sea waves give her a beautiful rose and tell here with lovely romantic voice (I love you).
  • Give your family one day every week ,talk with them ,play, or go for shopping and give your wife your master card and don’t worry if it return to you with no money, because she deserve that .(you can ignore the last part )
  • Set with your kids ,play with them give them attention when they talk to you even if it’s not important to you but it’s very  important to them
  • To give more in your work love it, go excited in the morning, love your friend and colleague and keep away from problems and fighting.

At the end, I will say:  Give love without any limit or expectation because this will give you the good feeling about life.

Live with love, it will come back to you. Love your family, love your wife, your friends your work and surely u will enjoy the life.

Faiz Ibrahim


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