Take care of your health

Heath is a very valuable asset to everyone. Without health, you can’t do any activities. You will be sick; you can’t move and do any activity or think properly. You will lose your energy and concentration. At the age of study you should take care of you


r health especially if you are a teenager. This is the

age for starting and having good habits, which you get habitual for the rest of your life. You should take into consideration many factors and elements that affect your health.

These elements are:


The food is an essential element for all living kinds for many reasons:

o   It provides the body with required narration elements to live a healthy life.

o   It provides our body with energy.

o   It allows you to do different activities.

o   It strengthens your immune system to protect your body and fight the diseases.

o   It recovers the damage cells and organs.

It relates to your way to excellence in life. Many studies prove that it affects our brain’s ability. A study made in the Hospital of Oakland University for Physiological Studies, took 16 children considered to lack in the brain by overacting, being hyperactive or slow learning. They modified their nutrition system by reducing the artificial preservatives, soft drinks, sweet and sugars. They continued to do so by observing the children for three to six months. They found that there was an improvement in their intelligence, averaging from 5 to 30 points with an average of 17.5 points. They analyzed that nutrition had an effect on the IQ. So be careful about the food you consume. Try to have a variety of food and drinks which will provide your body with all the elements and minerals.

Have vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, and proteins. Reduce soft drinks; replace it with milk and fruit juices. Drink a lot of water. It is advisable to have at least two liters of water daily and this depends on your activities. The lack of water may cause dehydration which will have an adverse affect on your organs. Furthermore, some research proves that dehydration may cause stupidity and can affect the level of understanding. Allah says in the great Quran, “we made from water everything alive.”  Drink water even if you aren’t thirsty. Other drinks will not replace water.


The other important element for health is sleeping. It is very important for our body. It will help to recover the body after a long day of hard activities. It will help to reorganize and rejuvenate your internal system.

Until today, all study proves that humans need 6 to 8 hours of sleep and when you become older it will be less than that. Try to sleep early, and not after 12 am, in view of the fact that the body at this time will secrete the hormone (melatonin), which helps the body to relax and recover. Also, it will help you to go into a deep sleep. You should know that the hormone is sensitive to the light, so sleep in a dark room. Furthermore, try to take a nap in the afternoon if the time and place are possible to recharge yourself. In addition, you should know that a lot of sleeping is not good for your body. Sleep more only when required are like if you sick, tired or as required by the age.


The last element to health is sports, because it also affects the body in many ways:

  • It will energize the body cells and elements.
  • Accelerate the blood circulation which will affect in increasing the oxygen and other elements in the body which lead to improving the state of our brain.
  • Strengthen the heart muscle which leads in increasing the blood level in the body.

The old quote says, “Health and good brain is in a healthy body.” That is why we should make time to play sports. We are advised to do sports three days per week, at least walking for half an hour. Choose a convenience sport, which fits you and your time. Also, take into consideration and don’t put in a lot of effort in sport unless your goal in life is to become an Olympic champion or preparing yourself for some competitions. I mean, do not let sports take a lot of your time and lose a lot of your energy .This will make you ignore the most important thing in this stage which is study.  Study is your weapon to succeed in your life, achieve your goals and live a happy life.

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