Self confidence

Self confidence

Do you have enough self confidence to show your talent to others?

It is very important to have


self confidence in every time and everywhere because you will lose a lot of your skills if you don’t have the self-confidence. Thus, you may feel nervous and you will lose your control of your mind and body. You will not perform very well; you will not be able to improve and be better and show all the talent. In one interview with the one of most famous Piano player

(Yo Yo Ma ) which published in Harvard Business Review magazine ,11-2017 edition he said (when I was child many people told me ( you are talented and genus ) but I hoped that they didn’t say it because it is very dangerous and it will affect your decision of your personal life. I was persistent to know whom I’m I and to do that you should have good self confidence

So you have to practice more to improve and get the confidence which will help you show the world that you are the best in your field. Read more about your talent how to the improve and reach to such level. Watch more videos to learn and get motivated.

Use the imagination to prepare your mind to get self-confidence by using these techniques:

  • Set in a calm place and breathe slowly until you feel relax
  • Imagine the way for delivering your skill with confidence.
  • Imagine that you are enjoying what are doing and feeling happy when you deliver it.
  • Feel the enjoyment and the happiness in every part and every cell in your body.
  • Imaging the people around you, in your family and your society are encouraging and supporting you and feeling happy when they see you.
  • Imagine that you are in a big auditorium with big audience and they are clapping for you and enjoying your show.
  • Keep doing this every day until it becomes part of your personality. As the saying says “fake it until you make it”.

Finally,  I can say lack of self confidence is a state , it will go if you learn about it and keep practicing until you become confident and proficient . Then, you will not care about the others, because it is inside you which will let give your high performance.


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