I’m going to give you a tool which been used to analyze the organizations and also we can use it to analyze our personality and help us to identify what we have. It called (SWOT) analyzes, it is a short cut for few words which mean:ColorfulLeaves_SWOT_Analysis_PPT.jpg

  • ·        Strengths
  • ·        Weakness
  • ·        Opportunities
  • ·        Threats

The first two (strength, weakness) related to your interior environment or to you as person. What characters, skills, and abilities you have in your personality. The other part is related to external environment which you don’t have any control on it. The two points 😦 opportunity, threat) which can help you or stop you from reaching your goals. It depends in your current status and life position. I mean where you are now during the analysis. You should understand and analyses yourself frankly if you want to succeed. Here is more explanation about each one.

Strength points:

What are you interior strengths in your personality like?

  • ·        strong memory
  • ·        Creativity
  • ·        Fast understanding
  • ·        Problems solving
  • ·        Self confidence
  • ·        Analyzing skills
  • ·        Strong body
  • ·        Length
  • ·        Mathematics skills
  • ·        Communication skills

And any other skills you know in your personality wither it psychological, mental or physical. My advice to you to set alone and discover yourself, because it is very important even if you will take long time to understand yourself but it  will be valuable for you in the future.

The knowledge of strength points will make you concentrate on it and use it to catch the coming opportunities which will make you stronger. In addition use these points to get out of the weakness in your personality. Also utilize your strengths to avoid the treats and difficulties in the external environment.

Strength points are you weapon to face this life and go ahead in the way of success. One expert said (when you are young use your strength to reach to success and get you goals, while when you will be elder concentrate in strengthen your weakness)

Weakness points:

  • Human been are always not complete in their characters, their always a weakness. We always required each other to be complete. But everyone is strong on something; everyone in this life is for some purpose to serve others. Whatever is your weakness, don’t bother about it and make it your issue or you keep thinking a lot about it until you forget your strengths. If you have some weaknesses in your personality don’t ignore it. Know it and try to make a time to strength it. Don’t ignore it until it affects your result or generally it will effect in your life. Some of the weakness in our personality:
  • ·        Memory weakness
  • ·        Laziness
  • ·        Procrastination
  • ·        Dispersion
  • ·        Impulsive decision
  • ·        Lack of communication

This is only examples not necessary it is on you. Also it is vary from person to another. Maybe some points is strength in other but it is a weakness with others. It all depends on your personality and what you want achieve in your life and how you are going to utilize these point to help you. I assist again to remind you, concentrate on the strong points in your personality whatever weakness you have. If you have some weakness this not means that you are weak person but only in some of your abilities and this is always in human nature.

Opportunities: (external factor :

The opportunities are factors from external environment which can help you of you can grip it. Use it to support you and raise you up in your life .some of the factors which may be in your life are:

  • o   The time.
  • o   The money.
  • o   Social life.
  • o   Family support.
  • o   Political environment.
  • o   The low.
  • o   The economic.
  • o   The relations.

Use these opportunities what you have as a person to improve yourself.  For example if you are weak in some subject like math for example, and you have the money. You can take private lesson or attend extra class if you have time to that. Other example if you want to study some fields abut it is not in your town your family can support you to go to the place where you can study what you want.

Threats or challenges:

Threat or challenges or difficulties it give us the same meaning. It is the factors which may challenge our life of study in particular. These external factors it be opportunities to others, but for us it maybe a challenges. These factors can be:

  • ·        Distance
  • ·        Money
  • ·        Family
  • ·        Political environment
  • ·        The low

Check your life; see what challenges you have and how you can avoid it. The distance could be a challenge if you are staying far from the colleges or libraries.  Because you may don’t have some resources to help you in your study. Because of the distance you will lose a lot of your time while going and coming back. This time you may use it to study or doing another task.


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