3 Reasons stopping you from creativeness and excellence in your study

3 Reasons stopping you from creativeness and excellence in your study:

How to deal with it??!!bigstock-Concept-for-procrastination-an-51568768


Laziness comes from the lake of motivation and desire. This makes you look out for an easy life and solutions. People like this will live in their comfort zone and don’t want to leave it. They do not want to put in any effort that will affect their ability. They will not benefit from the brain powers even if it is there.


It is the worst habit, which someone may have in his personality. This habit makes you lose lots of your time in doing nothing, or using it to do an unimportant work, which will not add anything to your life. Then you will face a lot of pressure when it comes to important work like; homework, essays, and reports. This will make you forget some details when doing it, because you are going to lose concentration by multi- tasking at one time. So always prioritize work and don’t delay important work.

3-Lack of confidence:

Lack of confidence mostly comes from different reasons like the knowledge about something. When you don’t know some information about some subject, you are worried about it. The other reason is the internal talk. When we talk to ourselves negatively   it will reflect on our personality. Maybe the other reason is the doubt in the ability. People, in this case, think they cannot be better. They will see one point in their personality, which may be the weak point and drop it in total personality. They will see and repeat these phrases (I’m not good in physics, or mathematic or any other subject).So they will consider themselves as not good at all, and they will see themselves as weak personalities.

You can try these suggestions to deal with such issues:

  • Trust yourself and believe that the God gave you the power you need to live in your life. Ask God for support and good luck.
  • Read about anything you require in your study or the things which you need to deal in your life. Look into resources if you see the information you have is not enough.
  • Prepare for any task in advance.
  • Utilize your time in a good matter.
  • Don’t delay or procrastinate any important task.
  • Talk to yourself positively.
  • Repeat always that you are intelligent, you are talented, you have a good memory, and you have self-confidence). These phrases will help to program your mind and prepare your interior environment.
  • Remind self that you have strong points in your personality that will allow you to be a successful person if you use it. So find your strengths and go ahead in your life.
  • Take the responsibility for your life.
  • Use the imagination to program your mind. Einstein said, “Imagination is stronger than the reality.”

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