What is thinking?

It is a series of activities, which our brain makes when it gets any, reflexes from our five senses. This will make our brain work and analyze the coming information.thinking-man

Let’s see what is the importance of thinking?

Thinking is a very complicated process: but it is very important for improvements. The human kind develops the way of living because they start thinking and looking for new ways for having a better life.

It will be very helpful to you in many ways too:

  •  It will help you to raise your level of understanding by giving you ideas that are more creative.
  •  It will strengthen your memory: the brain is like any other muscle. It strengthens by exercising and the thinking is the exercise for the brain.
  •  Thinking will increase your knowledge by linking different ideas to each other. This will give way to have your own ideas.
  •  It will give you more tools to deal with any situation in your life
  •  It will motivate to search and gain more knowledge.

You can realize that when you use your brain you will see the things from different angles. It will help you to be a creative person in any level of your life. Go ahead and use this power, be creative in your way. Find something that will make you proud of yourself.

Although there are many meanings of creativity, but all are related to our ability of mind and how we use it. Dr. Tariq Al Suydan, a Saudi expert in creativity and management in his book (creativity) defines the creativity by (Bringing something new) and another meaning is (The intelligence and the fast understanding), and some people classified the intelligence upon the (IQ):

Talented people: whose marks in the exam are more than 130.

Genius: whose results score more than 150.

Excellent: who score from 120 to 130.

However, at the end, you can increase your brain ability by exercising and practicing. Also, by reading, looking at other resources and ideas and analyzing it that requires so many factors to happen. These factors are internal and external motivator’s factors.

The internal motivators are:

  • The interior desires of the person.
  • The need to achieve.
  • The desire to challenge complicated issues.

The external motivators:

  • The creativity’s need in the environment like work.
  • To solve unexpected problems.
  • To follow the developments in the modern world.

Resource study for life success book, FAIZ IBRAHIM

you can read more :

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