Utilize your potential power for success

Utilize your potential power for success

Allah gives the brain for the human which differentiates between the human and other creations. It is the power, which makes us think and analyze. The brain is the great power of the human, which is the main resource for the human improvement and development from the beginning of history. All the inventions that happened and keep happening in this word are because of our ability to use our brain. Nevertheless, unfortunately, many people ignore this power and not using it. They stop thinking and stop improving. They stop using the brain to improve their lives. They become happy with the little they got, or by using all set thing without any effort to improve their life.

In the beginning let us see the difference between two words 😦 brain and mind). The brain is the tangible material, which is found inside our head. And, the mind is incorporeal ability which is related to our thinking, learning and doing.

Until now, there is no clear explanation about the brain and how it works. The science is still discovering this great power since this is not much important to us. The most important is how we use it. How we can make our life better through it.

Many theories came explaining and classifying the brain. Some theories explain what types of materials it is. Also, some explain how it works.

One popular explanation about the brain power is the theory of multi-intelligence for Howard Gardner in 1983. He says that intelligence is classified into seven types 😦 Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Spatial-Visual, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal). He saying that everyone is strong in something and that’s consider as a type of intelligence because the person is using this ability to be successful in his life.

In the following lines, we are going to see what can be good for us among these theories. How we can take advantage by using our brain. We will talk about the classification of conscious and sub-conscious mind theory. The conscious mind is responsible for logic, analyzing and thinking. It is responsible for our daily decision-making. In the other hand, the subconscious mind is responsible for the all operations, which happened in our body like: digestion, heartbeat, movements of our muscles and breathing. All these operations happen and are voluntary, without our direct interacting, we have no power. It is a mercy from God that we have no control on these.

So what is the relation between these two minds?

The science proof that the subconscious mind is programmed by the conscious mind. When we think or repeat some behavior or we think or repeat something to be stored in our subconscious mind until it becomes part of our personality. And, this programming- if I can say happened from different sides, maybe from us, parents or the external environment. If we listen to others always or if we are seeing many things repeatedly like advertisements on TV, it will be remembered by our subconscious. Some people semi it as  the farm .When you put seed in the farm it will grow as same, nothing different like the saying ,”you reap what you sow” So be careful about the thoughts in your mind ,especially about yourself. Otherwise, you will lose the ability to your power by putting bad ideas about yourself and what you are capable of. This is happening with many people, they can achieve anything because of their concepts and aides about themselves. The scientists said that humans are using less than 10 % of their mind because of their concept and thoughts. People are programmed by ideas they hear from others. They believe things that come to them without analyzing them, whether true or not. It is going to be part of your personality. This is one reason why some people attain excellence, but the others do not. Some people are using the mind to learn because they think that people can learn anything if they put an effort to learn. However, the others only see lose people who don’t want to use their power and the ability from God. Therefore, you have to decide to choose your way.

Dear student, I want you to set yourself. Look inside you, what are your ideas about yourself? What are your ideas about the others?

What are your ideas about the education and learning? Be careful about bad aides which come to your mind from time to time and don’t except it easily.

One day I was giving a presentation in a secondary school. After I finished, a student came to me. He told me that he wanted to be first in his class but he could not and that he always came in the second place. I asked him: why is this happening? Can you be number one? He said: in an interrupted voice with no confidence: maybe, I’m not sure. I asked him, “why?” He said because the other boy is very intelligent. Then I understood his problem. I told him: first you should believe in yourself otherwise you will be always in the second place. The other thing is you have to look at yourself, not to the others. You should keep improving and put in more effort. Then you will be in the first place.

Also, I can’t forget the students who came to me while I was controlling physics practical exam. The exam was for groups of two students. And because of the number of students, some of them were waiting for their turn. He came asking me to let him go in the first group because he wanted to leave early. But I told him that we were following a system, so he should wait. He replied, “No problem put me alone; I’m going to do it very fast. I will write something because I didn’t study well!” I told him why did he want to lose marks in his last year and that he needed to take care of his marks. Then I started advising him about studies and he should take care if he wants to have a better future. Why should you lose all these years without anything? Nevertheless, he shocked me with his answer. He said, “Sir, it’s no use I know my ability: even if I study I will not get a good result.” I realize the problem on his beliefs and he is convinced with his thoughts even when I tried. So, I left him to face his choice.

Unfortunately, you will find many students with this mentality, who don’t believe in their abilities and will put in no effort to improve. Thomas Edison said (The geniality are 1% vision and 99 % is effort)

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