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Believe on your self

Believe on your self


Many people in this world have talent and they are gifted with something special to serve the humanity and help the others. However, unfortunately we don’t see many effective and productive people although they have something to give because they don’t believe on themselves; they don’t have the courage to show what they have to others. Some people die with their talent and nobody know about it. Nobody has benefited from them. They didn’t encourage or motivate anyone to be better in this life.

That’s why you should believe in yourself, to help others, to entertain them, and to support them when they need you. Also, you need to believe in yourself to improve by learning from your mistakes. Bearing in mind that without the believe none of these will happen.  Moreover, if you believe on yourself and show that to others be sure that there will believe on you. I remember one friend he is very intelligent and passion about the internet. He can do a lot of things like marketing; web designing and he spends a lot of time  browsing the net. I discussed with him to be with me in making small digital marketing and get benefit from his skills.  Unfortunately, he I didn’t get anything from him because he did not want to show up and raise himself to higher level. He feels shy and he loses his confidence if he contacts the others to get money for the work. I told him many times you have to believe in yourself because you are very strong on what you have, but you have to show that to others if you want them to believe on you. Now he has become well and started to show his skills and talents in the social media.

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