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Choose what suits you

Choose what suits you

Maybe, you are very talented person and you have many skills, but you are confused where you will concentrate and what you will choose.

This will happen to some people who enjoy doing many things and love them all. If you are like them, you should pick one of your skills where you can do your best. Perhaps, I can help in some of these parameters which can help you to choose between many skills:

  • Experience
  • Ability
  • Enjoyment
  • Availability of tools and support
  • Comfort when you are doing it.

In the coming lines, I’m going to talk in brief about each one of these.

  • Experience:

It is considered as the main factor of personality development because you gain a lot of knowledge from different resources and it becomes a part of your life and personality. Also, it will enable you to do whatever you like in determined subject in many ways because of the variety of information you have.

  • Ability:

Sometimes, you like something and you have a lot of information about it ,but you are not able to do it due to your physical, mental or psychological ability. So, it is very important to take that into consideration if you are not able to improve after a time of practicing it. Here I am not saying that it is impossible to achieve in some subjects because you was bad on it, but you discover yourself and decide whether you can do it or not before the time passes and you are in the same place.

  • Enjoyment

We are always successful in everything if we enjoy it. So, ask yourself which thing you enjoy more. Which thing you don’t feel the time constraint while practicing or spending the time on it?

  • Availability of tools and support:

The support is essential for anyone especially if you are working alone and there is no Varity of improvement in your surrounding environment. Everyone need some support to maximize his level whether it is in the tools or in the matter of self improvement which can make your level and performance better. So consider this factor if you are confused between many things.

  • Comfort when you are doing it:

This can be a shared element of the pervious factors: experience and enjoyment because if you have the experience and you are enjoying it, it will lead to comfort, because it is linked to our sub-conscious mind. The experience helps to fix the information in the brain and the enjoyment of the activity that you are doing facilities and leads to comfort either physically or psychology. Therefore, this indicates what suits you.

Moreover, you can ask you friends about the things that you are good at because they may notice something you have not noticed.

Some people can advise you especially if they have the experience. So rely on   the people who you can trust and have information about you and your skills.

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