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Imitate but improve


Imitate but improve

What if you have something special, but you feel that you can do something else you admire in perfect way?Getty_imitation-475147931-56af8fbc5f9b58b7d01a907c

In this case you can imitate the others and develop it and add your own flavor .Some people have the talent inside ,but they don’t  discover it until the time comes and discover it or the others guide them to what they have. When you discover yourself, you can start practicing and improving until you have your own style. Some experts said if you add more than 16 % to any discovery or any idea it will become yours.

However, there are many things you can create and deliver in this world. I like the one who was singing by imitating cartoon personality voices and he choose it by imitating Simon voice. It was wonderful idea and it impressed all the judges and the audience because it was a unique idea. This is only example of the ideas which you can develop and make it better. On the contrary, to achieve it you have to give time to yourself to think and link the ideas. You have to make time to review your talent and find way to improve it. The relaxation time is very important to improve the skills.

The other way is to keep a gap time for yourself and forget your talent for a while. This will help your mind to see from different angle which may lead for new ideas to be born.

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