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Abilities are Vary

Abilities are Vary


Allah gives everyone special character and skills.  We are different from each other in this life. Each person has his own strengths.

Many theories came explaining and classifying the brain. Some theories explain what type of materials it is. Also, some explain how it works.

One popular explanation about the brain power is the theory of multi-intelligence for Howard Gardner in 1983. He says that intelligence is classified into seven types 😦 Linguistic, Logical, Mathematical, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Spatial-Visual, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal). He said that everyone is strong in something and that’s  consider as a type of intelligence because the person is using this ability to be successful in his life.

Your mission now is to discover your talent, to know your passion

. Go and sit in a very calm place and ask yourself: what is the thing which I can do better than anyone in this life?

In what sense can I help the human?

What do I enjoy doing?

These questions will help you to discover your potential.

It will help you then to know yourself  better and know your skills and talent. Don’t try to imitate the others in what they are doing and do everything like them. You should know again that we are different creation .Everyone is born with different characters whether it is physiological or physically. Everyone can do upon his skills and mentality. You may do what others are doing and you will learn from them ,even though you will be happy about the result you get.   Don’t be a copy of anyone; create your own style, your own way so that you will be special and unique. Keep discovering yourself and improve yourself until you find your own way to deliver and show your skills. Concentrate on your most important skill and don’t try to do many things at the same time even when you are good at many things. Thus, be sure that there  is something that you can do easily with a good level of enjoyment because it is settled and memorized in your unconscious mind from long time and has become now part of your behavior. When you reach this level of any skill that could mean you have become professional in this skill and it can be your way to success.

Faiz Al Mamari




(I GOT TALENT ) Touch your dreams. The book is analyzing the
programs which been shown in many countries.

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