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Creativity and talent


Creativity and talent

There are many meanings for creativity, but all are related to our ability of mind and how we use it. Dr. Tariq Al Suydan, the expert in creativity and management in his book (creativity) defines the creativity by (Bringing something new) and another meaning is (The intelligence and the fast understanding), and some people classified the intelligence upon the (IQ):

Talented people: whose marks in the exam are more than 130.

Genius: whose results score more than 150.

Excellent: who score from 120 to 130.

However, you can increase your brain ability by exercising and practicing. Also, by reading, looking at other resources and ideas and analyzing them as they require so many factors to take place. These factors are internal and external motivator’s factors.

The internal motivators are:

  • The interior desires of the person.
  • The need to achieve.
  • The desire to challenge complicated issues.

The external motivators:

  • The creativity’s need in the environment like work.
  • To solve unexpected problems.
  • To follow the developments in the modern world.

In this chapter, we are not going to talk a lot about it ,but it is required to know how you can motivate yourself more and you raise your level by using the skills and gifts given from Allah to us. Allah gives us a lot of gifts in our body and mind. However, unfortunately some people are not using them due to many reasons whether they know that or not. So, it is your mistake if you are not using these skills and gifts or trying to improve yourself to be important person in this life. There is a saying of Prophet Mohammed which means that “Everyone is created to do something”.

So why are you here?

What is special about you?

How can you serve the humanity better than anyone else in your field?

Look at yourself, discover you skills, talent and decide how are you going to serve the others?

  The two words, skills and talent can be used interchangeably in this book. The important thing is that you learn from the factors which will help you to improve your skill and reach the level of professionals.

You want to improve your self ?……..

Read and learn more in the book because you will have more knowledge about the subject in the book. Get it now from the link down :

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