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How to look more attractive and charming ?

How to be charming and attractive? How to be attractive man Or women, boy, girl in any place ?

To be a charming and attractive  person is the dream of anyone whether you are man or women. All of us wants to be wanted, attractive   to others and to be a role model.  To be charm requires many things, although the definition of charming is vary from character to others, but I will write some essential and basic thing. I will give some tips and advice upon the experience and the other’s ideas.

First thing takes care of your dress and appearance:

 Appearance is the first step to be charm, because it will give the first impression to others; they will judge you from the way you wear. Although it is important but don’t worry about that much, because any individual and human has their own preferences and taste of clothing and colors. What you should do is pick the right clothes for any ceremony and occasion upon your culture. The advice is to be in middle class to be charm and acceptable. The preferred colors for all are the light colors like: white, blue, silver. The most popular for all in the formal and casual dress is the navy blue or black for (T-shirts, jacket…) with matching colors of pants or jeans. If you are a lady, you can pick the light colors like: blue, yellow, and green, purple, violet, white and black which I think is good choice to different occasions or for work purposes. The other thing you take in consideration when you choose your colors is the color of your skin, because some colors don’t fit with types of skin.

The second advice is to have a nice good perfume which fit your personality.

 You will find a lot of brands in the market for known or unknown companies with different scent and fragrances. It is preferred to have perfume of famous brands and trusted companies. I tried many brands until I found my favorite scent. I prefer sweet spicy perfume in the summer and perfumes with oud smells for winter. Sometimes you need to take upon your comfort and choice not up to the others advises, because some perfumes maybe will make you feel bad and cause you allergic or it is not your types of fragrances.

Third tip is: Deal with others with self confidence:

It very important for you to be confident in any situation, so others can trust and depends on you. People like the strong personality who can support others and be there when they need them. For that try to show your confidence in your walking, talking and when handling any situation.

Fourth point and the main point is having knowledge:

Knowledge is power anywhere and anytime. People with knowledge are the most respected people and a lot of people want to be like them, because it is not that easy to have knowledge in any subject. It requires discipline, strong mind and soul. Therefore try to be strong in your field and read as much as possible about it. You are not asked to know everything in this life, so don’t worry or bother about that. You may learn few things about the happening events or trending subjects in the world, so you can talk about it with others. There is a quote saying (know everything about one thing and know one thing about everything) this is what you look for.

Finally I know there are a lot of information about this subject, but from my perspective I see these points are very important to have charming personality.  Work for it and see the results.

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Faiz Almamari

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