How to write a book for beginners in English

How to write a book for beginners in English

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Few years back, I was sitting and talking with one friend who published his third book at that time. I congratulated him for this great achievement because it is not easy task to get published.

He encouraged me to start writing because I was already a trainer and I have all what required to write and with some supports I will get published my book within less than one year. I contemplated about the main ideas which I was going to convey. After that, I took time to research about how to write and what to write. But the most difficult thing is how to get my ideas and thoughts out of the mind because you will think about the other ideas a lot and you will wonder if people are going to accept it or not. Then after one year and a half I get published my first book.

Finally I did it and saw my first book really born and came to life. NOW I have 7 more books.

That is why, I decided to write this book in a simple way to help anyone to start writing, share their knowledge and make their own achievements.

This book contains the steps which I took to write in the simplest method which is not complicated. These steps are very easy to follow and it will guide you to start very soon. After that you are free to follow any writing style.

I hope it will be helpful for you and encourage you to be a writer

The book contains easy simple steps which help anyone start writing now. It will answer your question on how to write a book? It will help you in any level to start writing your book now. It will give you the proper guidance to star writing books today and share your thoughts and knowledge. Discover the best subjects to write about

✓ Learn more about the process of writing

✓ Learn how to write well 

 ✓ Learn how to get some comments before you publish your book.

 This book will encourage you to be a writer!

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The Author

Faiz Ibrahim 

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